We’ve got knowledge, where is wisdom?   7 comments

Where is the wisdom?


In this post-modern world we are living, people have acquired a vast amount of knowledge but failed to acquire the same degree of wisdom.

For generations people believed that the earth was flat, that the earth was the centre of the universe or similar theories. Even nowadays some people still believe that human beings are descendants of apes! People believe in the “Theory of evolution” even though it has not been proved. The great Aristotle thought that the earth did not move, that a heavier object would knock the floor first and had many other flawed beliefs. But people like Galileo came and challenged Aristotle’s philosophy.

Ptolemaic beliefs still exist in this so-called post-modern era. The question is why do people believe in what they believe. Some will naively argue that it is because it forms part of their culture. I perfectly understand that 1000 years ago people did not have the Internet or Encyclopedias so they did not have many belief systems to choose. It did not even come to their mind to question. Should I believe in something because it is what my ancestors passed on to me? Should I cherish, protect some long established cultures and traditions even if common sense is punching me hard on my left brain?
Should we kill our conscience or intellect to keep our common sense from complaining? How many times we hear people say, “I was born in this belief system and I’ll die with it”. Even worse, I also heard some elders say that they know that their belief systems are wrong but still want to remain in it. Is not it a tragedy? Where is sanity?

Some will sacrifice the truth for the sake of unity. This is what we see in politics or religions. Why have people stopped to question what they are taught? Don’t we have such a pool of knowledge around? Yes we do, but few seek for wisdom. Wisdom helps us to filter flawed knowledge from constructive knowledge. Knowledge is information, wisdom is the ability to judge whether this information is true. Wisdom says “How, why, why not, really?, who said that, when, to whom, where” to the knowledge you bring. Wisdom tests if the knowledge is flawed. Knowledge which pass the test are absolute truths. But where to get this wisdom?

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Cherish her, and she will exalt you;embrace her, and she will honor you. She will give you a garland to grace your head and present you with a glorious crown.” Proverbs 4:7-9

I believe in such a thing called “Absolute Truth”. If a belief is not entirely true, it is false. If a belief is not entirely false, it is still false.

No blind faith!

No to blind faith!


Posted May 30, 2011 by Cedric in Thought-provoking

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7 responses to “We’ve got knowledge, where is wisdom?

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  1. “If a belief is not entirely false, it is false.” ?
    could you please explain?

    • Suppose I say that Osama is the best human being who ever existed. Many can argue that this statement is false. But as far as I know, Osama did not give snakes or poison to his sons when they asked for food.

      99% truth is still not the truth. The worst lie is the one closest to the truth.

  2. Our attitude to information goes with today’s consumer society that just wants ready to eat, ready to wear, ready to accept and repeat without questioning. People don’t want to be bothered to think too hard. Some intelligent sounding guy said something so it must be true. I can understand though that sometimes we tend to assume that people older and more experienced than ourselves know better. This can be a dangerous assumption.

    • Yea I agree with you. To protect ourselves we need to question even if the majority follows a belief blindly. We are submerged by knowledge but in drought of wisdom. While few will dare to question, even fewer will have the guts to stand against a belief hold by many.

  3. It’s really difficult to change one’s mind especially if he was born in this belief system.I’ve been born in a Catholic family.When someone came to tell me that I was wrong about the Gospel’s Truth,based on some words from the Bible,I’ve been disturbed.Catholic Religion was my belief system since I was born.So many years in a false belief!I believed that Bible was the Word of God but I wouldn’t want to think that I’ve been wrong .By his words, I faced to my blindness.I thought I followed a not entirely Truth because many things were anti-biblical such as praying in front of statues.I started questionning by myself.If it was not the Truth that meant it was false.What should I do?I was afraid about my parents’behaviour!Neither of them was in the Truth.My God!I didn’t want to keep to this religion even if they passed on to me. I decided to change.It was a struggle but I needed to live in the Truth.Today, I’m not still stuck on religion even if my parents do. I think it’s important to look for the Truth despite people’s opposition, to look for one’s proof if we still have doubts about it.

    • Many people think that they are christians because they were born in a catholic or christian family. But we know this is a lie. A Christian is a follower of Christ. A follower of Christ obeys Christ’s teachings. Jesus’ teachings are centered on the love of God and people. One who loves God won’t do things which displeases Him, one who loves people won’t harm people. We don’t have any laws like many religions have. We are free, we are not slave of anyone or anything. Isaiah 1:18 says “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. ”

      Sinners can seek for God to try to find a solution to their sins and questions. God invited sinners to “Come and let us reason”. In other words, it is as if God is saying “Let’s try to find a solution to your sins, problems, questions”. I questioned Christianity for a long time, I reasoned. I was like doubting Thomas. God has forgiven me for my lack of faith, but I can say for sure that God did not reject me for questioning him. The answers I got brought me to my knees. Do muslims, hindus, catholics etc question what they are taught? Do they believe blindly in the Koran, Gita, apocryphal bible? Do they believe blindly what their Imam, Pundit or priest say? With wisdom we can’t play the ostrich, if there’s something fishy we’ve got to take our head off the hole and reason.

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