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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

There’re many new songs on the market which keep me perplexed each time I listen to them and read the lyrics. The lyrics are just copies of others and the tune a copy of other tunes. Let’s take Hillsong for example, I’m honestly bored by it. Those who sing repeat over and over again the same lyrics while singing. I can’t get it, what is the purpose of repeating chunk of words?

The song leader and the musicians try to create an atmosphere and get people into it. They try to create an emotional atmosphere, musicians play a bit louder and the song leader makes his/her voice tremble to get people in this emotional experience. You know what I’m talking about.. There’re so many people who start to cry, lift their hands or even bow to their knees. Are all these genuine?

It might seem judgmental on my behalf to pass such a kind a judgment, but I saw something fishy in all these. I stopped listening to Hillsong.

But I wonder why these Christians seek for this kind of atmosphere. I cannot tune with Hillsong because I don’t see originality in their songs (lyrics,music). Is it a business to put on the market a new album from time to time? Are these songs inspired? Oh, I can be fired for saying all these!!
Hillsong is just an example, there’re so many on the market. The old Hillsong, the very first one were good but afterwards I saw it degrading. This can be subjective to me you might say…

What I mean is this: Do these writers really mean what they say to God?

Perhaps it’s just a matter of preference or opinion. But I want to question all these songs produced by christians. Are they worth to be sung by Christians and in churches? Do Christian leaders make some research on the life of these composers/singers before introducing these songs in churches?

Another thing, we see sinners singing songs like Amazing Grace in movies and christian songs in Catholic churches. This just shows that anyone can sing a Christian song without really meaning what they say.


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  1. About Hillsong, I don’t have a clue.I write songs when I feel inspired by God.
    I would like to share them with other people just by giving them the lyrics.Many Christians told me that , I had to make a CD . I didn’t want to.That’s why, I said “no”. I started sharing lyrics on my blog but for many of them, it’s still useless. When God inspires it’s not for a business but for blessing the others, for worshiping him with new songs. I don’t say that, Christian singers don’t have to make CDs. But, if God told you for instance, share freely the lyrics on your blog and you wanted to follow other people’s view (to make a CD for example), you would be out of his will. Nowadays, some people think that a song inspired by God should provide physical sensations, emotions.How awful! Even singers who don’t believe and follow Jesus, can sing apparently for God (singing for instance ” Amazing grace), provide physical sensations, fulfill emotions. We have to worship God, leading by the Spirit. There are so many things to say about this topic!

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