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Laws and Rules

Laws and Rules

I once shared a new way of playing dominoes with some friends. I did not tell them that I invented this new way of playing and just told them the rules. Eventually, as soon as they started to develop new strategies, they started to beat me and it’s now very difficult to beat them.

This remembers me the UK. It was the British who set the rules for football but that does not make them superior since they also have to abide to these rules(When was the last time they won the world cup?). If the rule is not the same for everyone, we say that it is not a fair game.

We are governed by laws and rules and without them our society would be in absolute chaos within several days.
There’re referees to take decisions on a pitch when rules are not respected and judges to apply the law when it has been violated. It’s not because the judge has the power to apply the law that it means that he is above it. Supreme laws have to be obeyed by everyone. Depending on the gravity of the violation of the rules, a referee can give a warning, a yellow or red card. It’s the same for judges, the sentence they give can be from a small fine to life imprisonment.

Though the laws of nature say that a denser body should sink in less dense fluid, we see Jesus walking on the waters. We see Jesus multiplying bread twice for at least 3000/5000 hungry people in the wilderness. He gave sight to a man born blind and gave life back to dead Lazarus. How can science explain that? Everyone knew that Lazarus was dead and buried for several days. The bellies of these thousands were not filled with air and stones. I don’t think a bakery could have secretly produced so many breads. I guess that taking from the sea at least 5000 fish by several fishermen is impossible. These thousands people did not have an illusion I guess.

How can science explain all these?

God does what He wants, where He wants and how He wants. Why is it that people have to believe in Jesus in order to be saved? Because it’s God’s way of saving mankind. It’s Him who sets the rules. We are the sinners and He is the One who decides what should be done to sinners. There’s no deal. We can’t tell God to send us to a so-called “purgatory” to allow us to pay for our transgressions. No bargaining with Him! Sinners go to hell. Period. But sinners who follow the rule i.e. repent and put their trust in Jesus don’t go to hell. As heaven is real, so hell is.

While playing dominoes with my friends, a friend pointed out to me that a rule was not fair so we had to adjust this rule.

A lie was a sin thousand years ago and so it is now. God’s laws are perfectly just, no need to readjust. God does what He wants. “Our God is in heaven he does whatever pleases him” Ps 115.
Why is it that we inherit Adam’s sinful nature? Simply because it’s God who set the rules.

For 33 years God lived under rules He Himself set. He was tired, had to sleep and was hungry. He was a human, He wept when He was sad. He obeyed the rules of the human nature. In agony He was in Gethsemane. He suffered when beaten and eventually died as any human would.

Perfect He was on earth, no lies or no pride in His heart. The only human being who did not transgress all rules set by God is the Messiah. He’s the One who sits on the throne and all authorities have Him as supreme Judge whether they like/know it or not. One day Jesus will come to judge His creation. The only way to be saved is Jesus Christ, no other rule and no other options.

The Supreme Judge

The Supreme Judge


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