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Writing for pleasure

Writing for pleasure

We write to pass on information. Without this tool of communication, we would have still been ignorant and barbarous. Writings can be preserved longer and reproduced identically as its original. Oral transfer of knowledge is often plagued by self interpretation thus making it unreliable to carry precised information. But oral communication has also some attributes which writings cannot express well, it shows tonality, hesitance to answer, assurance, sadness, happiness and other human expressions. Nowadays, with videos, oral communication is able to have the same precision as writing.

My goal here is not to argue which is the best way of communication.

Many people speak before thinking and say things they regret after. But when you write, you are less likely to do the same mistakes. You have the time to reread if what you’re saying makes sense.
You can enjoy writing even if no one will read what you have to say. You write for pleasure. But it will not make sense to speak if there’re no listeners.

When I was in college, I did not enjoy writing because I was forced to write on things I did not like to pass exams.
Examiners judge students on what they write and not on who they are and how they look. But when you speak, it’s inevitable that people judge you on who you are and how you look.

Writing has a close brother called reading. If you like writing then you must love reading. If you don’t read what others have to say, you’ll not acquire knowledge and people won’t care about what you have to say.

If you’re a writer, you are very attentive to the words used by another writer. You can read between lines. A comma, full stop or word means more to you than an ordinary reader. Because you’re also a writer, you are more attentive to details. You try to think why the writer used this phrase structure/word and not something else.

When you write, you can have a co-author and mix up your ideas and style of writing. Both styles can be mixed to make a superior style. How can you do that with speaking? With oral communication, 2 people cannot speak at the same time. But with writing you can.

It is also easier to correct what you write than correcting what you say.

If you’re a writer, you have an idea of what kind of writer I am. You know my personality, what interests me, where I’m weak and what annoys me. Is not it? Writing can help you express yourself and communicate your ideas even if you do not like to talk a lot. So why not sharpening your skills?

Sharpen Your skills

Sharpen Your skills


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