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Intelligent fool

The intelligent fool

It does not matter how much intelligence or ressources you have, if you don’t know how to use them, you’ll act foolishy.

I have met many intelligent people in my life who were outstanding in a particular field – bright people with definitely an IQ much superior than 120. But one thing which really kept me perplexed was their foolish way of living. They were living like intelligent fools. Someone who is intelligent is not necessarily wise and someone who does not have lot of knowledge/intelligence is not necessarily a fool. A fool is one who lacks wisdom. Wisdom and intelligence are different in essence. Wisdom allows you to correctly use your intelligence. I wondered how these intelligent people could live in debauchery and do all kinds of wicked things. You find them addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, casinos and other vices. If it’s not that, they are unable to master their sexual impulse and live in a lustful ways. How can these geniuses fall so low? Does not their intelligence dictate them that all these are stupid behaviors? They are gifted intellectually but are unable to use their intelligence to do good things. What good is it to have a lot of knowledge/resources and failing to use them correctly? Why do many medical practitioners smoke? A lack of knowledge, huh ? No, the reason is sin. No matter how witty you’re you will never be able to fight this sinful nature within you and this will eventually lead to your own destruction.

A dog which plays with stray dogs will eventually get fleas. Idem for a person who associates himself with fools. A wise person will avoid them.

A wise person knows how to master his sexual appetite but a fool lives lustfully.

A wise person thinks before he speaks but a fool speaks because he has to say something.

The fool is impulsive and rarely listen to counsels, the wise crave for counsels.

A wise person knows how to manage his money but a fool suddenly finds himself bankrupt.

A wise person does no concessions for bad things. The fool looks for temporary advantages and pleasures.

Ignorance does not make someone stupid, otherwise we would all be stupid since we do not know everything. But if you have the knowledge to do something right and do what is wrong, it’s a clear sign of stupidity.

The wise person does not worry about tomorrow. This is not to say that he’s negligent and careless, he rather knows his priorities. The wise person knows that he’s not in control of his future and destiny, God does. The fool thinks his destiny is in his hands so he puts himself under constant pressure¬† to plan his destiny.

A wise person does not like wasting his time doing useless thing, the fool looks for idle time to display his folly.

Wisdom has more value than money because with it you will know how to manage your finances, life, time and relationships.

Hopefully, foolishness can be cured by divine wisdom. Jesus is Himself God’s wisdom manifested.


Posted May 12, 2012 by Cedric in Thought-provoking

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