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Cat and German Shepherds

The stupid cat and the German Shepherds

Have you ever heard “If you’re a man, do that!”. Sounds like provocation is not it? Some will have the guts to do this weird thing that the majority will hesitate to do. Do you have self control? A boastful cat was challenged by some mates to have a pleasant walk in front of a dozen German Shepherds. Big challenge is not it? This cat had guts and did it but risked its life.

It was because the dogs were well trained that this cat was still alive. If just one of these dogs preferred to follow it’s natural instinct, many would have followed and this cat would have been torn in pieces.

Is it the cat or the dogs whom we should applaud? No doubt that this cat had guts and for this time won its challenge. These dogs were not chained and could be commended for their obedience and abstinence.

The natural instinct of these dogs have been mastered by someone. The master. In this picture you don’t see the master but it’s him the virtuoso. Let’s imagine that we replaced these dogs with many males and put something very tempting which excited male’s instinct. How would you react if you were among? Would you be a man or a male like any? Let’s also replace the invisible master by the invisible Master – God.

If your friends provoked you to do something that you considered was not right but satisfied this burning desire in you, how would you react? Would you let yourself fall into the lion’s jaws like this careless cat? You do not have to prove anyone what you’re worth. If you know there’s danger ahead, flee.  Don’t be an easy prey, don’t play with fire.

Or will you follow your natural instinct like an untamed dog to devour a defenceless prey? You do not have any chain around your neck because this is the only way the Master can form your character. God gave us freewill to allow us to choose to show allegiance to Him or not. If you cannot resist what your flesh is seeking for and give in to satisfy your appetite, you’ll be satisfied for a  while but will disobey your Master. A real man is not someone who can do whatever he wishes but rather someone who has self control and can say ‘NO’ to things he knows are wrong. Many are born males but few are men. A man is not someone who thinks he can do whatever it pleases him but it’s someone who has self control and maturity. A male may follow his impulsive instinct to have sex with any woman if given a golden opportunity. A real man won’t because he has principles. He does not cede to temptation even if the pressure is great around and circumtances favorable. Dogs can be trained to such an extent. Man is more intelligent that dogs but unfortunately they do all kinds of things that do not please the Master. Dogs have this reputation of being faithful. Are you faithful to God?  A human cannot change his natural instinct to sin ,but Jesus the Master, can free us from sin’s slavery. No matter how bad you have been or sinful you can be, there’s a Master who can transform you. Your natural sinful nature is gone with Him. You’re no longer a slave of your sinful nature. You become someone new with Christ. You get a new life.

So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Cor 5:17



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