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I don’t like poems, I don’t like reading them, I don’t know how to write one and never wrote one.
Poetry seemed to me too weak for a man to write.
Arguments appeared to be more manly.
Poetry weakens my analytical faculties when it starts to get romantic.
But only for you Jesus, I’ll write a poem in my style.
Well, I was born a male but it’s you who made me become a man.
I know it’s foolish to argue with you because deep down my conscience, I know you’re always right in what you say.
Just reading what you said keeps my mouth shut and makes me bow to my knees.
You the perfect man made a public declaration of love to me in John 3:16.
Your wisdom, boldness and love inspire me. I want to become as tender and gentle as you are.
I know you now and have a stubborn love for you.
You’re not some fable or fairy tale that I’ve made up inside my mind.
Thank you for your patience towards me and transforming my life.


Posted June 2, 2012 by Cedric in My writings (English)

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2 responses to “My first poem

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  1. Amen! May God help you to write many poems for his glory. May God bless u and thank you for sharing

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