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Is your truth made up of lies?

Is your truth made up of lies?

What we see, hear, touch, taste and think can easily mislead us.

For example:

We can see that dragonflies have 6 legs but that does not mean that they can walk.

When we taste strawberries and lemons we think that strawberries have more sugar, but the reverse is true.

We might think that sound travels faster in the air than in water, but in fact in water it travels 4 times faster.

When we see an iceberg, we imagine that it’s not that big after all. Possible, 90% of its mass is under water.

Given certain conditions, hot water freezes quicker than cold water even if it does not sound logical.

For many years sailors believed that the earth was flat and that they would fall off edge if they sailed a long way through.

Copernicus came with his disturbing arguments that it was the sun which was the center of the universe. This truth received oppositions from those who endorsed the Ptolemaic system. Parents in ignorance taught lies to their children about the world.

A chunk of truth is a lie. We are submerged with information that require much efforts to remove those which are misleading. We see people confused by lies and do not really know what and who to believe. They do not know where they stand and are therefore unable to give good directives to those who follow them. A blind man cannot lead a blind man. We can inherit lies and traditions from our parents and pass it on to our children. This is a tragedy to blindly accept what is passed on to us. In response to this statement many will say that they just want to remain as they were brought up even if their conscience is punching them hard on their left brain to take time to examine. It’s really hard to accept that we have been fooled and lied to for years. It takes courage and time to accept the truth and remove the choking tentacles of lies. I was myself a victim of lies.

The truth, or should I say, the Absolute Truth is not dependent on what people say or think. We can either ignore it or accept only part of it (a lie). In this modern society we are living in, there’s this concept that right and wrong are subjective. This is itself a lie. Modernism is trying to make us believe that if you think that homosexuality is evil, you should not judge those who think it is not. We are getting sugar-coated lies from fashion, politics, educational institutions and science. If you walk half naked, they call it fashion. Legalisation of homosexuality and abortion is done in the name of democracy and liberality.

Even if millions of people thought the earth was flat, that did not make it flat. It is not the majority who decides what the truth is or what is moral. That would be a fallacious argument, ad populum. It is God who has established what is right and true. We can either choose to abide to it, twist it or ignore it. What are not absolutely right and true are wrong and false.

What is the truth? This was the question Pilate asked to Jesus.

The truth is simply everything that God established. The only truth that I’m absolutely sure about and on which my life is based on, is this:

Jesus is God. Ignoring it or arguing against it will not deprive Him of His divinity.

Call me a stubborn or intransigent. I once argued against Jesus’ divinity, I resisted and questioned it in so many aspects but I finally gave up. Now, because I believe He is God, there’s no way that He could have lied in what He taught. So I believe in everything He taught with the established premises that He is the Truth. So how can I filter out lies from such a large pool of information? I simply categorise as lies what are contrary to what Jesus taught.

If you’re still looking for your way, longing for the truth or wondering what life’s all about, Jesus claimed to be the answer:

I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE“. John14:6

If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32


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