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Father in Heaven, I acknowledge your holiness and righteousness. You reign and all creatures in heaven bow their knees no matter how glorious and powerful they are. There is no shadow of iniquity in you. You condemned the human race the very moment they sinned. Men have become so depraved and wicked that they even insult your holy name that even the glorious angels so mightily fear to mention. Men rebelled against all authorities you established and became your foe. Your holy wrath was ready to be poured out on all men. In your anger you wanted to get rid of the human race which you said were the best of what you created. Your Righteousness and Holiness were standing as judges against this wicked creation. The fallen angels were condemned without mercy and separated eternally from you.  But we had a different destiny. You so loved the world. You so loved the world that you poured out your wrath on your Son to satisfy justice. How terrible it was for Jesus to be subjected to the wrath of you Almighty God! Your Righteousness and Holiness cried out for justice and justice was made when you crushed your own Son with this mighty wrath reserved for your foes.

And you beloved Son of God you presented yourself as the ransom, as the Redeemer and High priest to remove wholly in God’s eyes the wickedness in my heart! Oh wonderful Advocate who pleads and defend me when the devil night and day accuse me of my failures! Those truly your disciples with tears in their eyes acknowledge your perfect work in making their soul tainted with sin a new creature. You voluntarily presented yourself as the Mediator to represent man in God’s court. In front of the great white throne you said to God “Send me, I will do whatever is required to satisfy your justice”. And you did it when you said “It is done” on that cross. Only you my beloved Savior could and knew how to satisfy God’s Justice. It required deity to meet God’s standard of righteousness and you alone could intervene. You are the expression of God’s love to humanity. Oh Emmanuel you who dwell in my heart, precious Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the whole world why does the world reject you? Long promised Messiah, you who are extol to the highest by the angels in heaven why do the wicked men still insult you? Word of God made flesh, you came to save, teach the world with mighty authority and wisdom. You’re God’s Holiness, Wisdom, Justice, Righteousness and Love manifested. How will I survive without you my Vine? You are the everlasting God, the I AM and the One who is to come. All authorities in heaven belong to you. You are the author of the salvation of every soul from start to finish. My dear Lord, I wait for you to take me home. How my soul longs to see you establish your kingdom on earth and take me in this place you prepared for me! Free me from this sinful world tormenting my soul. My soul groans for this divine rest. Take me home. Let all creatures declare with all their countenance your Sovereignty and Glorious Love. Even the knees of your enemies shall bow when you will return as Judge. You will pour out your mighty wrath on those who deserted you, who led souls away from you, tortured your disciples and insulted your Holy name. Come Lord Jesus, come establish your Kingdom and Judge with your Righteousness this corrupted world.

Spirit of God, my Divine Teacher, oh how my heart bleeds because so many souls reject your teachings. You Divine counselor you live in the heart of the disciples of Jesus. Fill me with your presence so that I can powerfully witness to the world the work of the Son. You have been forming my character and brought me to the life of faith in the Son. Thank  you for leading me and blessing me in details I thought you would not even bother. Forgive me for my resistance and rebellion. You have made me a holy habitation and called it your temple. Cleanse me from wicked thoughts and this evil heart which deceives me. Transform me in the image of the Son, the beautiful and glorious Son. May I truly be submitted to your authority and bear fruits that honors my Father and Savior. Be the Master of my whole being. My mind and soul acknowledge your daily work to prune and mold me. I stand in awe and bow to my knees with the wonderful treasures of wisdom you unveiled to me. I do not deserve that you Lord is so patient to teach me. All spiritual blessings comes from You. Take control of my existence and make me a vessel through which you will bring souls closer to the Son. Here I am to go where you lead. Dear Lord, help me to trust and have faith in you. Grant me wisdom, love and patience. Oh humble this prideful soul when it speaks. You hate pride and arrogance. Leave not the dead man corrupt my wedding garment. Reign in me divine Master and teach me more about the Son, the Father and your characters.

Thank you loving Father for giving me your righteous Son and sending your Holy Spirit to teach me your ways.


Posted May 5, 2013 by Cedric in My writings (English)

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