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Some synonyms for pride are : boasting, conceit, arrogance, presumption, haughtiness, non-submission, selfishness, being puffed up or vainglory.

A prideful person wants to be the center of attention. He wants to be served and wants things/people to work for him, through him and for his glory.

We read in the scripture that this is reserved for God ” For from him and through him and for him are all things.To him be the glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36

There’s also a kind of false humility which is quite subtle (Col 2:18). It is when someone has self-pity or refuses to do certain tasks. This could be in the form of “I am sick, I have no time, I am busy, I am not qualified, I have many problems“.

I have met some people who refuse to serve in church or preach because they somehow don’t want to take a position. This seems like humility but it is pride. In fact, they do not want to assume responsibilities for fear that people see their weaknesses. In the Christian community this is quite common since humility is a virtue. Some Christians want to be seen humble and do things to appear being humble. Is not it spiritual pride instead?

1. Lack of thankfulness: That person finds it hard to say thank you to God and people. Saying “thank you” demonstrates that they were in need and appreciated help from others. Demonstration of appreciation could mean that other people do things better than themselves. There’s no reason for them to be grateful because they deserved it somehow.

2. Lack of forgiveness: They won’t make the first step to ask for forgiveness (which Jesus taught by the way). They are too prideful to admit their wrong and lower themselves. They are defensive and blame-shifting. If they do admit their wrong/sins, they will minimize it and maximize the sin/wrong of others and still appear better off. They are unyielding and have no room for mercy or grace.

3. Complainers and masters of criticism: Everyone does things wrong except them. If they did it themselves it would have been perfect. They are difficult to satisfy because they have a high-opinion of themselves. They talk a lot and brag. They are argumentative and always want to have the last word.

4. Lack of contentment and perfectionism :  They think they deserve the best. What they have is not enough. This often leads them in debts, marital problems or job dissatisfaction. They are perfectionist and desires self-satisfaction. Mediocrity is unacceptable. They want to deserve the best or need to be recognized to possess the best. They are jealous and envious of the possession of others.

5. They want to be independent or not be accountable: They do not need others or God. They are master of their own destiny. They are self-sufficient and can sustain their own existence. They do things their way and no one has the right to give their opinion.

6. Unteachable : What do they need to learn from others? They know it all or know more than anyone else. Whether at school, at church or at work they always have something to add to knowledge being shared. They are often those who won’t read the instruction leaflet of a newly bought appliance or ask for direction when they are lost. They react wildly to criticism.

7. Boasting:This is obvious. They talk about their abilities, gifts, position, physical appearance, money, possessions, brag about their achievements or superiority. They are often lovers of money, luxury and new brands.

8. Lack of patience, love or tolerance: They deserve immediate attention or things quickly. They cannot bear weaknesses of others and can even dissociate themselves from them.

9. Looking down on others, hurtful, sarcastic: By doing so, they are inferring they are better than others to pass on remarks. They lack compassion and sweet words are difficult to come our of their mouth. They cannot value others for fear of admitting that others have qualities they do not possess. They therefore emphasize failures and weaknesses of others instead of their strengths.

10. Lack of service and compassion : They are too busy or elevated to help the needy. If they do help they will need recognition like the Pharisees. They prefer not to give so that people cannot set a limit to their ability to help. Demonstrating compassion is being understandable. They cannot understand people in need because they are not themselves in need of anyone or anything. They want to be seen busy to justify the importance of their existence.

11. They resist authority and rebel against rules: They cannot support of being dictated by some regulations. Submission is admitting that they are under control and limited. They violate laws to show that they are not under control of anything. They will not hesitate to cover sins, faults or mistakes to avoid criticism.

12. They want to control and use others:  Since they have a high opinion of themselves, they consider that they are indispensable. They have to control and use others for self-ambition. Without people under their control they cannot have a position of leadership and be served.

13. They want to attract attention to themselves:  By the way they dress, their weird behavior, rebellion, talking about their problems they want to be given importance.

14. Spiritual pride:  It is false humility as we have seen earlier. It is the desire to take a low position to be seen humble, generous to be seen compassionate or heavy use of theological jargons to be recognized as being more knowledgeable. It could also be about boasting about one’s closeness with God, long praying hours or spiritual gifts.  If they pray to God, they will not pray like the tax collector (Luke 18:13) who recognized his sinfulness but like the Pharisees who said : “God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’ For them, God is like a genie who works at satisfying their selfish ambitions.

15. Self-recognition, being self-sufficient, self-appraisal, self-focused, self-accomplishment or any self-XXX: Pride is __your name__ elevating self.




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