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Gay Marriage

While going through a training on confidentiality of information, it was said that religion, ethnicity, age, name, monthly wage, phone number and to my great surprise, ‘sexual orientation’ consisted of personal information. In 2011(date at which this post was first published), the senate and governor of New York legalised same-sex marriage.

Gays and lesbians say that they no longer want to hide and want to go public. They want to tell the world that they are different and that we should not look down on them. It is their right they say and they are proud of being homosexuals. They cry fool when injustice is done to them at work and in society.

In this post-modern world we are living in, we really have the right to do what we want as long as long as there are no laws against.

Should the law even cater to have a clause in forbidding man to have sex with animals? To what extent can the law cater for justice and keeping things ‘right’ ?

What differentiates beasts from humans? It is morality, right?

Even if beasts don’t have morality or conscience, sexual activity between males is not seen. It is not natural.
One purpose of sex is to procreate. How can procreation occur between same sex?

Some argue that homosexuality could be a mental illness. If it is a mental illness or genetic deficiency, then there’re specialised hospitals to cure this illness. Why is a violent person suffering from mental disorder sequestrated? Is not it to protect sane individuals from his insane acts?

In the name of democracy and justice, politicians are giving the right to homosexuals to corrupt our society. I consider it an injustice because the same government jail the violent lunatics and let the homosexuals corrupt our society with their immoralities.

Being an homosexual is a choice. If it was not a choice, how then can we explain that this phenomenon is a plague which affects mostly the permissive societies? I do not believe that homosexuality is due to mental illness or genetic predisposition.  If it is a mental illness, then why does God severely condemns homosexuality? If all these homosexuals have mental disorders, it implies that they are not able to decide what is good for themselves. Why are not politicians doing the right thing by giving them special treatments in mental hospitals?

Even if prisoners or people suffering from mental disorders are citizens of a country, they are not given the same right that sane individuals have. For example they are not given the right to vote and many of their requests are not granted by the country.

If homosexuals suffer from mental illness, why are politicians giving lunatics the right to marry the same sex? If these people are mentally sick then they don’t know what they are asking for.

There’s nothing wrong for a man/woman to be a very good friend with the same sex. But when it comes in getting intimate with the same sex, it is rebellion against God’s designed purpose.

If the society should give the right to individuals to marry anyone they wish, then I challenge politicians to forbid fathers marrying their sons! Where will this end? On what basis can this be forbidden if there’s a law which allows it? You’ll call it incest then? Will a politician be proud of giving his blessings to his son marrying a gay?

Father and son

Let us exclude some reasons for same sex marriage.

1) It is not for procreation reasons.
2) It is not because there are not enough of the opposite sex.
3) It is not because of pressure/brainwashing from society, friends and families.


Adam and Dave

Adam and Dave

In June 2015, I thought it was a hoax when I heard that the American supreme court legalized homosexuality. After verification, I was troubled and said to my soul that corruption finally reached the highest instance of the judiciary.
Then I remembered Romans 1:24 :
So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies. They traded the truth about God for a lie.”
Every authority has been established by God. It was God’s judgment on the homosexuals through the judiciary. Simply put, this is God’s judgment: OK I will no longer restrain you, do what you want!


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